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FRESAFramework for Regional Employment and Skills Action (UK)
FRESAFederal Renewable Energy Screening Assistant (software)
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Surgeon Jesus Paredes, who operated on Fresa, said half her nose was hacked off "with a sharp object".
Primeramente se ocuparon como jornaleras, despues como obreras en el despate de fresa en las congeladoras de Jacona y Zamora, y ultimamente como empleadas domesticas en estas mismas ciudades y en Santiago, la cabecera del municipio.
Jacobs of South Carolina; two grandchildren, Fresa J.
The title refers to the Cuban film, Fresa y Chocolate (1993), which focuses on the development of an unlikely friendship between two men in 1979 Cuba, one a gay man and the other a homophobic Communist.
Later in the week Bar Fresa was hosted by those notorious purveyors of underground sounds Class A Audio and featured among its delights 1up, who played brilliant live versions of computer game soundtracks and aPAtT whose almost indescribable combination of disparate elements created disturbing yet beautiful experiential noise.
Gwen Spratling-Uhlig, owner of Cucina Fresa, in Elko, Nev.
APPENDIX OF ERRORS IN ITALIAN AND PROPOSED CORRECTIONS Page Number Hemingway's Spelling Proposed Change 9 soto-tenente (2x) sottotenente 9 tenentecolonello tenente colonnello 9 soto-colonello sottocolonnello 11 et passim ciaou (9x) ciao 33 smistimento smistamento 36 Emmanuele Emanuele 38 et passim capri bianca (8x) Capri bianco 40 Fillipo (2x) Filippo 55 mama mia (8x) mamma mia 55 Dio to salve (2x) Dio ti salvi 55 porta feriti (2x) portaferiti 73 Gran Sasso D'Italia Gran Sasso d'Italia 77 riparto reparto 87 chianti (4x) Chianti 112 galleria (7x) Galleria 112 fresa (2x) Freisa 112 barbera (4x) Barbera 120 Edouardo Edoardo 135 Corriere Della Sera Corriere della Sera 219 A basso gli ufficiali Abbasso gli ufficiali
Finally, in the last chapter Foster analyzes three additional features: Plata quemada [Burned Money] (2000) by Argentine Marcelo Pineyro; Afrodita, el jardin de los perfumes [Aphrodite, the Perfumed Garden] (1998) also by Argentine Pablo Cesar; and Fresa y chocolate [Strawberry and Chocolate] (1993) by Cuban Tomas Gutierrez Alea.
Breyers All-Natural Fresa Banana is a banana ice cream with strawberry twirl with a suggested retail price of $5.
IF ALVARO GORRIN GETS HIS WAY, TASTY treats like cachitos de jamon-pastries stuffed with ham--and frothy strawberry shakes, or batidos de fresa, will eventually be as familiar to U.
Until Oxnard fighter Fernando Vargas learns respect goes both ways, he'll always be ``Chico Fresa,'' after his latest act of childish temper.