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FRESSFile Retrieval and Editing System
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These, for me, were the biggest disappointment of my Fress experience.
In 1968, he saw Doug Engelbart's demo at the FJCC and was inspired to develop FRESS (File Retrieval and Editing SyStem), which combined the best of HES with many ideas from the NLS/Augment system that Engelbart had demonstrated at FJCC.
The Rise of Regional Economies (New York: Fress Press, 1995).
Eisenstadt (Chicago: University of Chicago, 1968); Theology of Social and Economic Organization (New York: Fress, 1968); and Basic Concepts in Sociology, trans.
Ciaran McManus: started like a train, converted his fress well, missed a penalty but drifted after the break.
Among the systems discussed at the workshops were: Augment, Concordia/Document Examiner, IGD, FRESS, Intermedia, HyperCard, Hyperties, KMS/ZOG, Neptune/HAM, Note-Cards, the Sun Link Service, and Textnet.
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