FRETILINFrente Revolucionária do Timor Leste Independente (Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor)
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Such regional imbalances led to the characterisation of FRETILIN and UNDERTIM as so-called 'eastern' parties and CNRT and the other minor parties as 'western' parties.
Con la intempestiva salida de Portugal, y con la independencia proclamada por el FRETILIN, en Indonesia se comenzo a planear una intervencion militar con la que se lograra el control del territorio.
This political awareness among members of the younger generation is illustrated in the respect shown for Fretilin in street art.
The term was later adopted by FRETILIN as a symbol of pride for the East Timorese people.
Bringing Fretilin into government with Gusmao's coalition is seen as a way of easing political tensions in the country of 1.
The 2006 crisis might be also understood as grievances and differences, between Falintil and Fretilin, which dates back to the times of the resistance, (19) being brought into the government politics.
Examples include the potent distinction between pro-autonomy versus independence alignments, the related firaku (easterners) and kaladi (westerners) distinction, (22) and the enduring political divide between Fretilin (the major political party in opposition since 2007) and other parties (including those of the former AMP ruling coalition and the present 'Fifth Constitutional Government', Kintu Governu).
Mari Alkatiri, secretary general of Fretilin, has accused the CNRT of having instigated the tensions and urged the party to take responsibility and apologize to the public.
Shortly after the FRETILIN victory in late September, Indonesian forces began incursions into East Timor.
Topics include the activities of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation; the lasting psychological damage stemming from Indonesia's invasion; the decision-making style of the political party FRETILIN and its impact on state governance; the role of decentralization in democratization; the constitutional relationship between the legislature and the executive; the causes of the outbreak of political violence in 2006; the role of the national police force in obstructing the implementation of government policy; and the status of women and handcrafts in East Timor.
East Timor's opposition Fretilin party criticised the move saying many people continue to demand justice for gross human rights abuses committed during the 1975-1999 Indonesian occupation.
Fretilin (Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor) sought speedier independence, rural reform and popular education on the model of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire.