FRGPFacultad Regional General Pacheco (General Pacheco Regional Faculty; National Techonogical University; General Pacheco, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
FRGPFisheries Restoration Grant Program (Canada)
FRGPFront Range GigaPop
FRGPFinancial Regulation and Governance Program (Mongolia)
FRGPField Record Group
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A Fortescue subsidiary, FMG Pilbara Pty Ltd, is the foundation shipper on the FRGP under a 20-year, 100% take-or-pay gas transportation agreement.
La trayectoria academica y laboral de las graduadas de la uTN FRGP y la uNRC, Facultad de Ingenieria.
To add to the requirements of FRGP 11(b) that the Attorney General also agrees with the legal position she is taking--or ought to inform the court otherwise--is rather remarkable.