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FRICFellow of the Royal Institute of Chemistry
FRICFetal Rat Intestinal Cell
FRICFrame Relay Interface Card
FRICFinding Routes into Customers (truck driver website)
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Following a detailed investigation of most of the systems, Whiting felt FRIC contravenes one of the FIA's catch-all regulations with regard to moveable aerodynamic devices.
The FRIC study found that 25 percent of their sample felt that the fur trade should speak out more strongly about the "right to wear fur," with the figure at 40 percent for fur owners.
Later on completed ARIC and FRIC (FRSC) from Royal Institute of Chemistry, London.
Contract notice: Replacement of communal lighting as part of the FRIC Plan.
Meanwhile for FRIC, cattle production will be implemented and benefited to the FRIC members with 17 cattle to be distributed to 17 barangays.
Tenders are invited for Removing the existing cold storage from FRIC Premises at Hebbal, Bangalore and refixing and commissioning of 120Tonne Storing Capacity Cold Storage (14mx7.
FRIC Members considered a range of alternative structures from an informal cross-member pool to a fully regulated Mutual Insurance Company.