FRNMFoundation for Research on the Nature of Man
FRNMFoundation for Registered Nurses of Manitoba (Manitoba, Canada)
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Due to their rewording of the relevant PIF question in the FRNM study, Broughton, et al.
In the FRNM series, 40% of the FP subjects had hits (N = 42, p = .
While most of them had not been previously involved in formal psi research of any kind, approximately 16% of the PRL novices and 13% of FRNM novices had participated in other types of psi research.
This work showed Honorton as a team player at FRNM, but this sort of research--driven by blind empiricism, not readily interpretable, and dependent on complex internal analyses of data--was the sort he would later eschew.
By contrast, the last study to come out of his FRNM years (Honorton, 1967a; Honorton, Carlson, & Tietze, 1968) was a good indicator of his future interests.
It is because he left FRNM abruptly in 1967, and many things changed for him.
Chuck's professional life falls into four distinct epochs: (1) The preparatory period, which lasted until he left FRNM in 1967; (2) the stay at Maimonides from 1967-1978; (3) the PRL years, 1979-1989; and (4) the post-PRL days, including those at Edinburgh.
The relationship between Chuck and the FRNM was very special.
During the question-and-answer period, I tried to defend myself, explaining that we had indeed responded to him and referring to the meeting at the FRNM a few months earlier.
However, when the program chair also invited a response from us, to be presented following Hansen's paper, we did prepare and send a response to be read by one of our FRNM colleagues.
joanna had joined the FRNM staff as an assistant editor, and Rex Stanford came to work with us full time.
In this regard, Akers's comments are not "especially weighty" (as Hansen contends) because (a) he did not witness the main experiments, but only a brief series carried out subsequent to my departure from the FRNM, and (b) even in that context he did not actually observe the hypothesized breach of protocol.