FRPIForce de Résistance Patriotique en Ituri (Patriotic Resistance Force in Ituri)
FRPIFlux Reversals Per Inch
FRPIFirst Responder Partnership Initiative (various organizations)
FRPIFiberglass Reinforced Plastics Institute (Worcester, MA)
FRPIForward Range Pressure Indicator
FRPIFront Range Preventive Imaging (Boulder, CO)
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Des etudes genetiques ont montre une forte association entre FRPI et HLA-DRB1 *03, allele lie a de nombreuses MAI telles que le diabete de type 1, la myasthenie grave et la thyroidite autoimmune.
In the "L-S" mating tests, irradiated and non-irradiated adults showed equal participation in mating by both sexes in both locations as reflected in the MRPI and FRPI values, which did not differ significantly from zero (Table 1).
The president of FRPI said, in a note on the Sahara issue carried by the think tank's website on Friday, that "the Europeans and the Maghreb states are far more aware - and wary - today of the consequences of a failure to develop their economic potential.
Until the attack, Bogoro had been controlled by rival Thomas Lubanga's Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC), blocking FRPI and FNI fighters and camps from the road to the key city of Bunia.
43) A large number of armed groups are involved: various Lendu, Hema, Ngiti and Bira militias, including the UPC, PUSIC, APC, FRPI, and FNI; Burundian rebel groups; FDD, FNL; Rwandan rebel groups ex-FAR and Interahamwe; and, allegedly, foreign troops.