FRPLFree and Reduced Price Lunch
FRPLFédération Régionale des Producteurs de Lait (French: Regional Federation of Milk Producers)
FRPLFriends of the Richmond Public Library (Richmond, VA)
FRPLFairdeal Realtors Pvt. Ltd. (India)
FRPLFort Recovery Public Library (Fort Recovery, OH)
FRPLFlat Rock Public Library (Flat Rock, MI)
FRPLFive Rivers Public Library (Parsons, WV)
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and (f) What is the relationship between counselors who have more exposure to persons living in poverty and the number of students receiving FRPL at their school?
As a measure of school counselors' current exposure to clients who live in poverty, participants were asked to estimate the number of students at their school currently receiving FRPL.
They were also asked to estimate the number of students at their school receiving FRPL and the number of multicultural courses taken during their counselor preparation.
We performed a canonical correlation analysis to analyze separate knowing, connected knowing, horizontal and vertical social orientation, multicultural course work, years of experience, and the percentage of students receiving FRPL as criterion variables.
47), and a higher percentage of students at school receiving FRPL (.
School counselors who believed that poverty was caused by external forces (a) used a balance of separate and connected knowing, (b) perceived social orientation as horizontal or assigned importance to cooperation, (c) had lower levels of experience, and (d) had a higher percentage of students at their school receiving FRPL.
Michigan's PSAs, Yongmei Ni examined FRPL data from 2003 and 2004.
traditional DPS schools had a much higher measure of FRPL, while a fewer