FRPPFord Racing Performance Parts
FRPPFarm and Ranch Lands Protection Program (Florida)
FRPPFederal Real Property Profile
FRPPFlame Retardant Polypropylene
FRPPFront Range Pika Project (Denver, CO)
FRPPFreight Rail Preservation Program
FRPPFlame Retardant Phosphonitratic Polymer
FRPPFire and Repair Party Post
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The AGI provision of the 2002 Farm Bill impacts eligibility for FRPP and several other 2002 Farm Bill programs.
If the land cannot be converted to non-agricultural uses because of existing deed restrictions or other legal constraints, it is ineligible for FRPP.
FRPP is funded through the Commodity Credit Corporation.
The result of these two opposing factors is a better balance of tensile properties for the FRPP.
Figure 4 also indicates that the tensile strength for compression molded FRPP samples with decorative layer slightly increases in the machine direction and decreases in the transverse direction when compared with injection and compression molded FRPP without a decorative layer.
Federal agencies rely extensively on leasing, occupying about 398 million square feet of leased building space domestically in fiscal year 2006, according to FRPP data.
Perceptions, preferences for and participation in Conservation and Energy Title programs will be emphasized, including the CRP (CREP), FRPP, EQIP, and bio-fuel initiatives.
FRPP grants provide for 80 percent of the cost of projects aimed to preserve rail service or restore fixed facilities on publicly owned rail lines.