FRQFonds de Recherche du Québec (French: Research Fund of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
FRQFrequency (statistical button, scientific calculators)
FRQFree Response Question
FRQFlanders Recorder Quartet (est. 1987; Flanders, Belgium)
FRQFédération de Rugby du Québec (French)
FRQFixed-Rate Quantization
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The analysis of FRQ scores showed a high degree of family ritualization compared to theoretical means.
An independent samples t test was performed to compare the FRQ total scores of Italian couples (n = 31, M = 3.
The use of simultaneous equations for panel data, via the GMM estimator proposed by Arellano and Bond (1991), highlight the positive effect of FRQ on Financial Performance.
FRQ can be defined as the faithfulness of the information conveyed by the financial reporting process.
The team developed new ways to manipulate the genome, and showed, by controlling expression, that the level of CK2 dictates the form of compensation through the phosphorylation of the clock protein FRQ.
It pinpointed a near record number of modifications on FRQ and described how each appears and disappears over the day.
Of the 72 ESTs associated with calcium ion balance, 3 showed partial homology to putative orthologs of Myosin light chains (MLC1, MLC2, myosin regulatory chain), 46 were similar to clone TUASPvWSu233 (accession # CX535935) -some of which contained the FRQ 1 protein domain (EF-hand superfamily) of myosin light chain 2 (MLC2), 17 were similar to SAL096'3--with similarities to portion of EF-hand calcium binding motif of MLC2, 2 were similar to sarco/endoplasmic reticulum calcium-transporting ATPase, and 4 were similar to sarcoplasmic calcium binding protein 1 (SCP1) which contains four EF-hand domains.
Hocking County (N = 91) RIV ([double Species Name Abundance TOTBA * FRQ ** dagger]) Acer rubrum 9 4,429 0.
FRQ = number of meetings per year between audit committee and chief internal auditor;
Last, all calling-song parameters except FRQ and PUL were transformed to a [log.
A plot of mean FRQ against calling temperature shows that, in general, FRQ increased nonlinearly with the ambient temperature of the calling regime (fig.
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