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FRTFremont (Amtrak bus station code; Fremont, CA)
FRTFries Research & Technology GmbH (Germany)
FRTFederal Realty Investment Trust
FRTFacial Recognition Test (neurology)
FRTFace Recognition Techniques
FRTFondation René Touraine (Frrench dermatology foundation)
FRTFirst Registration Tax (Hong Kong)
FRTFacility Response Team (US Navy)
FRTFox Pro Report
FRTFrequency Response Test
FRTFast Response Time
FRTFord Racing Technology
FRTFacial Recognition Technology
FRTFire Retardant Treated (wood construction)
FRTFor Real Tho
FRTFaculty Release Time (various schools)
FRTFlight Readiness Test (US NASA)
FRTForest Resource Trust (Oregon)
FRTFault Ride-Through (wind turbine energy)
FRTFemale Reproductive Tract
FRTFixed Radius Transition (aviation)
FRTFluides Réactifs et Turbulence (French: Reagents and Fluid Turbulence)
FRTFast Repetitive Tick (biology)
FRTFonds de la Recherche Technologique (French: technological research funds)
FRTFirst Response Team
FRTFloating Raft Technology (hydroponics)
FRTFirearms Reference Table
FRTFloating Roof Tank (oil storage)
FRTFrance Réseaux Télécommunications (French: French Telecommunications Networks)
FRTForward Repair Team
FRTFamily Reunion Travel
FRTFly River Turtle (turtle species)
FRTFlame Retardant Treated (wood processing)
FRTFix Response Time (TL 9000)
FRTFast Response Team
FRTFreight Tons (shipping)
FRTFloating Rototiller
FRTFederally Related Transaction (real estate appraisals)
FRTFungal Research Trust (UK)
FRTFast Rule Theorem
FRTFree Return Trajectory
FRTFlow Recording Transmitter
FRTFlippase Recognition Target
FRTFinland Racing Team (auto racing)
FRTFixed Radio Transmitter
FRTFraction of Residential Power Supplied by Traditional Sources (Carolina Environmental Program)
FRTFull Routing Table
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Verificou-se que a concentracao de FRT reduziu em todos os tratamentos que contaram com cobertura vegetal da primeira para a segunda coleta e apos o que se constatou variacao de comportamento, fato tambem explicado pela evolucao vegetativa das culturas, do primeiro para o segundo teste, haja vista que durante a primeira coleta as culturas ainda estavam em estagio inicial, com grandes areas de solo descoberto.
We hypothesized that the changes in oviduct morphology were a result of Gen-induced alterations in expression of genes that influence postnatal FRT morphogenesis.
FRT Realtor[R] affiliate status levels include Basic Affiliate, Silver Affiliate, Gold Affiliate and Platinum Affiliate.
Forty years ago, journals did not publish FRT data on a regular basis, but nevertheless, there is some evidence for the FRT at that time.
One way to avoid the repeated delay caused by the FRT is to allow papers to be submitted to several journals simultaneously.
The aspect of the review process that receives maybe the most criticism in economics is the long FRT.
FRT works by combining photographic images with computer databases.
Negotiations for a national FRT settlement began 18 months ago in the wake of complaints that some treated plywood roof sheathing deteriorated under normal solar heat.
The FRT is also well suited for 'Fitness-for-purpose' testing where the test solution parameters and CO2/ H2S concentrations can be tailored to suit field conditions.