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FRVFonds de Revenu Viager
FRVFull Replacement Value
FRVFair Rental Value
FRVFox River Valley (Aurora, IL)
FRVFrench Riviera
FRVFrente Radical Verdiblanco (Spanish: Radical Green-White Front; soccer fan group; Colombia)
FRVFeline Rhinotracheitis Virus
FRVFrequency Resonance Vibration
FRVFinal Rendezvous
FRVFederatia Romana de Volei (Romanian Volleyball Federation)
FRVFunctional Residual Volume
FRVFeedwater Regulating Valve
FRVFederally Reportable Violations
FRVFaith Victory Association
FRVFirst Rule Violation
FRVForced Respiratory Volume (pulmonary measure)
FRVFile Reference Variable (computer programming)
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FRV, with presence in Dubai, and with more than 2 GW developed worldwide, brings its extensive experience in engineering, development and construction of solar installations, and a proven track record in adding value in the financing and management of the assets, it said.
Whether doing light housekeeping in your plant or heavy pickup in and around production equipment or storage areas, the exceptional cleaning power, durability and safety of Ruwac's FRV Series portable electric explosion proof vacuum cleaners have made it the vacuum of choice for combustible dust everywhere.
FRV develops solar energy projects through a robust and disciplined development process, which includes the acquisition of locations, the interconnection, the financing and the development of the plant.
Mottershead joined FRV in mid-2007 having spent the previous 18 months working privately to establish the UK manufacturing operations of Nom Dairy.
and new and ongoing projects are underway with French co-producers; - Step up distribution and export activities through our subsidiary FRV Media International by leveraging the recently acquired library and by adding production acquisitions with high commercial value in the family-youth market; - Make timely acquisitions that will not only increase business volume and profits but also help create a coherent ensemble of operating units that complement each other by their respective focus and expertise.
Altough FRV says that this is the maiden project to secure a power purchase agreement (PPA), the project was offered through a 200 MW government in solicitation last year.
The joint venture of FRV and Abdul Latif Jameel Energy will carry out the proposal of the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KA-CARE) program.
We are pleased to complete this transaction and welcome the experienced FRV U.
The consolidated financial statements of FRV Media were prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in Canada ("GAAP") and are stated in Canadian dollars.
The partnership will see FRV and Abdul Latif Jameel Energy jointly undertaking the tender of the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KA-CARE) program, which includes the building of 41 GW of solar energy by 2032, of which 16 GW is PV.
signed a sales agreement with US-based FRV AE Solar, LLC, a subsidiary of Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, Inc.
In addition to these high-quality assets, FRV International inherits DLF's 4-member team, including Ms.