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FRWSForest, Rangeland and Watershed (academic department; Colorado State University)
FRWSDepartment of Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship (Warner College of Natural Resources; Colorado State University; Fort Collins, CO)
FRWSForest, Range and Wildlife Sciences (Utah)
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The purchase of the FRWS by an end user in the oil and gas exploration business, the selection of the FRWS by the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs for the State of Alaska and now our first international sale through an International Distributor are significant steps in meeting our goals and expectations.
OTCBB: PSWS) manufacturer of the innovative and patented mobile First Response Water System (FRWS), announced today that it will be delivering the FRWS to RecyClean, Inc.
Additionally the PureSafe[TM] FRWS was tested and certified against the WQA ORD0902 for Low Lead Compliance which applies to states like California and Vermont who already have legislation in place for compliance.