FS9Flight Simulator 9 (Microsoft)
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El equipo utilizado fue un espectrofotometro de Absorcion atomica UNICAM, modelo 939, con horno de grafito y automuestreador FS9 (21).
1] 0,06 0,06 0,09 PS em KOH 77,2 (b) 84,7 (ab) 84,9 (ab) Variavel FS7 FS8 FS9 MS, % 88,28 (ab) 88,59 (ab) 88,72 (b) [PB.
Also available are the standard MS9 and FS9 military and flight spectacles (otherwise known as birth control glasses, or BCGs, because of their high durability but nonexistent aesthetic value), the MCU2 or MAGI (Ranger) glasses, the BLPS (ballistic/laser protective spectacles) M40 pro-mask insert, and a prescription lens carrier for the Uvex XC, ESS [Eye Safety Systems, Inc.