FSACFaculté des Sciences Aïn Chock (Moroccan science faculty)
FSACFilm Studies Association of Canada
FSACFinancial Sector Advisory Council (Australia)
FSACFrom the Stone Age to Christianity (W. F. Albright book)
FSACFood Safety Advisory Centre (United Kingdom)
FSACFire Support Armaments Center (US Army)
FSACFreight Station Accounting Code (railroad industry location code)
FSACFlorida Statewide Advocacy Council
FSACForeign Supplier Assessment Center (US Department of Defense)
FSACFederal and State Affairs Committee
FSACFuneral Services Association of Canada
FSACFormateur en Sûreté de l'Aviation Civile (French: Trainer Safety of Civil Aviation)
FSACFellow of the Association of Surveyors and Architectural Consultants (UK)
FSACField Service Advisory Committee
FSACFire Support Ada Conversion
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It is the last resort when farmers start selling productive assets such as livestock, machinery or land, Abdul Majid, FSAC Coordinator, said.
The FSAC partnering concept was instrumental in the development of FHD's long-range plan in 2001-2002, the retail food facility operator's guidebook in 2003, and the new risk-based inspection report in 2004.
To be an effective regulator the FSAC would need to monitor all forensic science laboratories; it has been stressed time and again that the procedures and practices employed by private sector and police in-house operations need to be watched as closely as the FSS, and probably more so (HL-SCST 1993a: paras 3.
The Royal Commission welcomed the introduction of specific qualifications for forensic scientists, such as those to be awarded under the auspices of the National Council for Vocational Qualifications (Hadley 1994), and recommended that the FSAC oversee the development of codes of practice on the training, continuing education, and professional ethics and responsibilities of forensic science practitioners (RCCJ 1993: ch.
As the FSAC itself gains experience and grows in stature its accreditation will probably evolve as the acid test of expert status.
The FSAC would be a buttress against the erosion of standards by free-market competition (RCCJ 1993: ch.
Provided that its sponsorship of excellence in forensic science research and practice and its status as a watchdog with teeth were developed with vigour and imagination, the FSAC would be a significant addition to the machinery of criminal justice.
At the annual FSAC meeting, papers in both English and French on a wide variety of topics are presented.