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The fermentation conditions and nutritional quality of the FSBM thus produced can vary depending on the type of microorganism used.
Reduction of TI and large size protein content in FSBM has several beneficial effects when fed to nonruminants such as poultry and swine.
Though FSBM has approximately 10% more CP than SBM, essential AA profile remains unchanged after fungal fermentation (Zamora and Veum, 1979; Hong et al.
With this technology, it is possible to co-incubate aerobic bacteria with anaerobic bacteria in the production of FSBM.
The objective of the current experiment was to compare the energy content and standardized ileal digestibility (SID) and apparent ileal digestibility (AID) of AA in FSBM produced by this new strategy (NFSB) with SBM and a commercially available FSBM (Suprotein) and to evaluate their use in diets fed to nursery piglets.
The commercially available FSBM (Suprotein, Beijing Gold-tide Biotechnology Company, Beijing, China) used in this experiment was produced using a mixture of bacterial and fungal strains in solid-state fermentation.
However, in general, the addition amount of SPC and FSBM is less than 10% in pigs' diets; the relatively small inclusion of them may only increase the total nutrients digestibility slightly in diet.
SBM (Commercially processed), SPC (Gushen Biological Technology Group, Qingdao, China) and FSBM (CJ Corporation, Seoul, Korea) were used for this study.
Therefore, the current study was carried out to evaluate the effects of FSBM (fermented A.
FSBM calf starter diet contained fermented SBM (a commercial product produced by Gene Biotech Corp.
Since both of fermented FSBM increased crude protein content, the amino acid content of both FSBM increased and is reflected from the content of essential amino acid (EAA) and non-essential amino acid (NEAA).
However, our observation showed only the P-coglycinin protein but not basic glycinin in the FSBM was significantly eliminated in this study.