FSCRFederal Screw Works (St. Clair Shores, MI)
FSCRFree Space Control Record
FSCRFull Screen
FSCRFriends of the Santa Clara River (California)
FSCRFirst Service Conception Rate
FSCRFirst Stage Consultation Report
FSCRFirst Ship Configuration Review
FSCRFederace Strojvùdcù Ceské Republiky (Czech: Federation of Drivers of the Czech Republic)
FSCRFully Synchronous Carrier Recovery
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In this study, the phase behaviors of PEN in subcritical water during the heating-cooling process were observed in the FSCR.
Since they began offering FSCR for cases other than cosmetic, the ratio of patients seeking relief from pain vis-a-vis anti-aging cases is now 50:50, she said.
Hence, range alignment is necessary for missile-borne FSCR.
This was much higher compared to earlier reports in which FSCR was reported around 45-55% (Singh and Nanda, 2007).
Table 6 lists the results of an overall (6 df) test of additivity where the null hypothesis is that the tree mean is equivalent to the predicted mean from the FSCR model.
In this paper, a range-spread target detection algorithm without target extraction is addressed for a FSCR which is used in an anti-ship seeker.
Unlike the sheep stem cell, FSCR harvests fat from the patient's tummy or thigh; a machine then isolates the stem cells from the fat.
MARC's sensitivity analyses reveal a moderate degree of resilience with respect to FSCR levels on assumptions of completion delays and traffic underperformance.
Based on MARC's sensitivity analysis on PBSB's cash flow projections, PBSB's FSCR will range between 2.
22 million is anticipated to sufficiently support its obligations under the Senior IMTN, even after factoring in proposed dividend payments of MYR 30 million in FY Mar 2016, as reflected by a projected minimum FSCR (with cash balances, post-distribution, calculated on payment dates) of 1.
These assume distributions to shareholders while adhering to the covenanted post-distribution FSCR of 1.