FSHCF-Secure Health Check
FSHCFranklin Square Hospital Center (Baltimore, MD, USA)
FSHCFederation of State Humanities Councils
FSHCFour Seasons Health Care Ltd. (UK)
FSHCFederal Safety and Health Council (US OSHA)
FSHCFirst Street Health Center (Washington, DC)
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D'Amato's bill would allow an FSHC to own a bank, securities, insurance or any other type of commercial firm and would create a National Financial Services Committee to oversee the holding company, while the subsidiaries would be regulated by function.
Even in the case of firms that paid for the entire cost of FSHC training and were willing to pay increased wages to trained workers to minimize quits, one would not expect the firms to pay displaced workers from other firms (who possess unusable FSHC) the same amount paid to recalled trained workers (who possess usable FSHC).
This indicates that stock return volatility increased significantly for A&H and P&C insurers following the GLBA (1999), at least partially, due to the higher level of competition from FSHCs.
Moreover, a number of FSHCs started divesting themselves of their insurance components after 2001.