FSIMFile System Interface Module (software)
FSIMFlight Simulation
FSIMFeng Shui Institute of the Midwest
FSIMFormation Sécurité Incendie Mobile (French: Mobile Fire Safety Training)
FSIMFunctional Simulation
FSIMFiber Sensor Integrated Monitor
FSIMFixed-Structure Interacting Multiple-Model
FSIMFoxboro Simulation
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The MATLAB source codes by the authors of the respective algorithms were used in the experiment for MSSIM, FSIM, SRSIM and ESSIM.
Out of the five algorithms tested, FSIM is the slowest and showed a nonlinear variation with image size.
From Table 7 and Table 8, our proposed method is better than the method of over-completed DCT dictionary and the over-completed learned K-SVD dictionary in terms of the PSNR, SSIM, PSNR-HVS-M, or FSIM.
FSIM comparision with various CS recovery methods Subrate Algorithms Barbara Boat Cameraman Head House 20% TV[26] 0.
FSIM is a structural similarity measure based on the Human Visual System (HVS) [9].
ab/f], SSIM and FSIM, may damage the perception of the local image content.