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For example, in the case of changes in the resource base brought about by privatization (Table 2), more differences between countries were observed in the PSOE group versus the FSOE group.
A fruitful avenue for further research would be to examine differences in the extent of foreign influence in the FSOE sector.
Though, State-owned enterprises and firms that have been privatised through domestic investment are relatively similar in terms of size as measured by number of employees, FSOEs are significantly more likely to be bigger.
FSOEs are significantly less likely than the other two groups to be concerned with survival and the defence of current position and significantly more likely to be seeking to build long term market position and to be pursuing the aggressive objectives of market domination.
Finally, the competitive lead of FSOEs is reflected in their performance in the marketplace demonstrating that the attainment of a competitive advantage leads to superior performance measured in conventional terms (Bharadwaj/Varadarajan/Fahy 1993, Hunt/Morgan 1996).