FSOPFeik School of Pharmacy (University of the Incarnate Word)
FSOPFull Scale Output
FSOPFlorida School of Preaching (Lakeland, FL)
FSOPField Standard Operating Procedure
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Finally, I believed that self-efficacy would moderate the relationship between PO fit and WLB because the interaction between PO fit and self-efficacy would be stronger when FSOP was high than when it was low.
With the permission of the chief executive officer and human resource management department, I surveyed team members using paper surveys that included measures of PO fit perception, self-efficacy, FSOP, and WLB.
FSOP were measured with five items sourced from Allen (2001).
The analyses included a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) of the measures of PO fit, WLB, self-efficacy, and FSOP.
Following Aiken and West (1991), one standard deviation above and below the mean on the independent variables were plotted, holding the control variables at their means, to determine if the two-way interaction of PO fit perceptions and self-efficacy is stronger when FSOP is high than when it is low.
In this study, I investigated the relationship between PO fit and WLB and found that the two variables were significantly related, and that there was a three-way interaction among PO fit, self-efficacy, and FSOP on WLB.