FSPAFranciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (religious order)
FSPAFlorida Swimming Pool Association
FSPAFinancial & Security Products Association
FSPAFlorida Scholastic Press Association
FSPAFederation of Sports and Play Associations
FSPAFree State Pinball Association (Washington, DC)
FSPAFixed Service Providers Association (UK)
FSPAFlorida State Poets Association (Crystal River, FL)
FSPAFlorida Sexual Predator Act
FSPAFellow, American Society of Pension Actuaries
FSPAFolded Short-Patch Antenna
FSPAFinancial Services Product Associate (State Farm Insurance)
FSPAFood Security and Poverty Alleviation
FSPAFinancial Services Product Advisor (State Farm)
FSPAFood Safety Professionals Association (Ireland)
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FSPA managing director Jane Montgomery said the move to within a stone's throw of its home of 20 years meant that all eight staff would remain as part of the team.
2006) o IQD e calculado de forma balanceada, em que se incluem as relacoes das caracteristicas de crescimento morfologicas como FST, FSPA, FSSR, ALT e DC, sendo este adotado para avaliacao da qualidade das mudas para os tratamentos, conforme Equacao 01.
NI 72 is related to the achievement targets of at least 78 points across the thirteen scales of the FSPA and at least six points in each of the personal, social and emotional development and communication, language and literacy scales.
2]) T15 178,8a 461,9a 536,3a 2336,2 (a) T30 167,6a 572,7a 668,7a 2470,5 (a) T45 203,7a 391,1a 636,1a 2005,9 (a) CV (%) 13,0 23,3 21,6 21,5 FST (g) T15 0,56a 1,37a 2,09a 5,77 (a) T30 0,56a 1,62a 2,27a 5,83a T45 0,55a 1,20a 1,82a 5,40a CV (%) 14,10 24,04 19,93 18,83 FSPA (g) T15 0,29a 1,04a 1,73a 5,13a T30 0,27a 1,29a 1,86a 5,37a T45 0,33a 0,93a 1,53a 4,80a CV (%) 13,05 25,47 20,40 20,26 FSR (g) T15 0,17a 0,33a 0,36a 0,64a T30 0,17a 0,33a 0,41a 0,67a T45 0,14a 0,27a 0,29a 0,63a CV (%) 13,05 25,48 20,41 20,26 Epoca de avaliacao Tratamento 20 DAT 23 DAT AF ([cm.
Pasyanos had come to FSPA from the Custom Electronic Design Association, where he was senior director of government and public affairs.
After divorce, the children of the military member continue with all of their benefits without regard to the FSPA.
A producao media de fitomassa seca da parte aerea (FSPA) chegou a 140 g planta-1, quando cultivadas em Luvissolo e irrigadas com 4,5% de urina em ED, ou seja, 34% a mais que a FSPA das plantas sob AB + NPK (Testemunha 02).
The FSPA applies to the "uniformed services," defined to include the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, commissioned corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service.