FSPMIFederasi Serikat Pekerja Metal Indonesia
FSPMIFinanced Single Premium Mortgage Insurance
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FSPMI stands out because it is one of the few Indonesian union federations capable of systematic collection and processing of membership data.
15) As noted by Abdullah Faqih, the FSPMI KJI vice chairperson, if it was not for Jamaludin they might not have had such a breakthrough.
Pujianto, the chairperson of FSPMI East Java, for example, noted that despite the promise of the law, in practice the Industrial Relations Court is 'neither fast, nor precise, neither fair nor cheap' (25).
Jazuli of the FSPMI Pasuruan admits most Industrial Relations Court cases are brought by workers, and, indeed, workers have won many too (26), but since the employers consistently appealed to the Supreme Court, which suffers from a serious backlog of cases, the implementation of these judgments was postponed for several years.
As noted by Jazuli, the FSPMI Pasuruan regional coordinator, 'Justice seems far from workers' daily lives.
According to Pujianto, the East Java FSPMI chairperson, many workers are now approaching him to join the FSPMI.
12) Pujianto and Jazuli, two FSPMI union main leaders in East Java who played a very important roles in the case, are FSPMI's full-time paid officers.