FSPOFloating Production Storage and Offloading Vessel (offshore oil extraction)
FSPOFlight Services Program Operations
FSPOFrancophone Student Professional Organization (Temple University; Philadelphia, PA)
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The FSPO has been instrumental in the development of CJ from developing the original requirements to providing subject matter expertise through the Validation & Verification, training, and fielding to EUCOM and to the units supporting CENTCOM in OIF and OEF beginning in the first quarter of fiscal year 2010.
To compliment the CJ capabilities the FSPO, under the auspices of the Army IED-D ICDT, has developed an initiative to sense, analyze and share real time spectrum usage for the BCT and above spectrum manager.
In a simultaneous but possibly separate struggle concerning the "Sea Eagle" FSPO (floating production, storage and offloading vessel), on April 28 Shell took out full-page advertisements in Nigerian newspapers saying that it "had been warned that criminal elements were threatening to explode a mammoth oil tanker that Shell had converted into a mobile, all-purpose, floating oil production platform.
The yard is now preparing for a number of oil rig and FSPO (Floating, Storage, Production and Offloading) drydock repair projects.
5 billion which is bigger than US$ 1 billion for Kraken FSPO contract.
The Aberdeen-based firm has completed the first phase of work on a North Sea FSPO reinforcement programme for contractor DOF Subsea.