FSRBFinancial Services Reform Bill (Australia)
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For example, the FSRB (2005) suggested improved governance and management practices, especially in asset administration, are pivotal to any long-term solution of this problem.
There are currently nine FSRBs with membership of roughly 100 countries, covering Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Central Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and a non-regional body of offshore Group of Banking Supervisors.
FSRBs allow FATF recommendations to cover crucial geo-strategic arenas and bring in countries that may be crucial to the success of the regime.
Moreover, the creation of FSRBs may well boost participation of countries from various regions.
76) The Methodology is currently used not only by the FATF and FSRBs in their mutual evaluations of members, but also by the IMF and World Bank in assessments of their member countries, as well as of offshore financial centers often affiliated with FATF member countries.
The South Australian FSRB was set up as an independent body by the South Australian Local Government Association on the 14th February 2005.
On the basis of these considerations, the FSRB (2005b, pp.
These principles formed the benchmarks that the FSRB employed to assess South Australian councils.
The Turkish Cypriot community is not part of any FSRB and thus is not subject to normal peer evaluations.
Ethiopia was granted observer status with the Eastern and Southern Africa Anti-Money Laundering Group (ESAAMLG), an FSRB, in September 2011.
GAFISUD, along with all the other FSRBs, is independent from the FATF.