FSRCFinancial Services Regulatory Commission (Antigua and Barbuda)
FSRCFeng Shui Research Center (various locations)
FSRCForage Systems Research Center (est. 1965; University of Missouri; Linneus, MO)
FSRCFrontier Science Research Conference (La Jolla, CA)
FSRCFaculty Staff Resource Center
FSRCFull-Service Retirement Community (various locations)
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CDC, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), and the FSRC have estimated food attribution using these data (12-16).
This approach is also employed in the Foodborne Illness Risk Ranking Model (FIRRM), an analytic tool developed by FSRC to compare the public health impact of various pathogen-food combinations (14-16).
The motivation driving this suggestion is the same as that which motivated FSRC to convene the Food Attribution Data Workshop; to make informed science- and risk-based decisions about food safety interventions, we need to be able to associate foodborne illnesses to specific food vehicles.
Casinos and sports book-wagering operations in Antigua and Barbuda's Free Trade Zone are supervised by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and the Directorate of Offshore Gaming (DOG), a department within the FSRC.
An independent organization, the ONDCP is under the Ministry of National Security and is primarily responsible for the enforcement of the MLPA and for directing the GOAB's anti-money laundering efforts in coordination with the FSRC.
The ONDCP also has an MOU with the FSRC, and expects to sign an MOU with the ECCB in 2007.
The FSRC was established by a 2004 amendment to the International Business Corporations Act ("IBC" Act) of 1982 as an independent regulator of international financial services in Antigua.