FSRGFood Surveys Research Group (USDA)
FSRGForce Structure Review Group
FSRGFlorida State Realty Group, Inc. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
FSRGFreeman-Sheldon Research Group (West Virginia)
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For adolescents, the percentage reporting milk consumption on a given day 30 years ago was 76 percent, but by 2005-2006, that percentage had dropped to 49 percent, according to FSRG data.
There is a positive side to snacking, however, according to FSRG nutritionist Rhonda Sebastian, who headed up the snacking patterns Dietary Data Brief.
FSRG provides periodic Dietary Data Briefs, which focus on a single topic and highlight key results that are of interest to both consumers and professional users.
FSRG has examined 2007-2008 survey data from 5,334 adults aged 20 years and older for a brief that focuses on snacking, which is associated with increased calorie intake and decreased nutrient intake.
Seven years ago, FSRG began planning the transition from paper and pencil to computer-assisted interviewing instruments.
In 1999, FSRG pilot-tested its new automated system by surveying 800 people, randomly chosen, nationwide.
Late last year, FSRG completed the data-collection phase of a large-scale human research study designed to measure the effectiveness of AMPM.
The FSRG started planning the AMPM validation study at the same time it started producing the automated instrument.