FSRPFood Security Research Project
FSRPForced Sex Role Play
FSRPFreedom Solutions Recording Plan (Loren Weisman)
FSRPFoundry Standby Routing Protocol (Foundry Networks)
FSRPFachschaft Raumplanung (German: Student Council Spatial Planning)
FSRPFellow of the Society for Radiological Protection (UK)
FSRPFlorida School Recognition Program
FSRPFully Secured on Residential Property (loan)
FSRPFamily Support and Reunification Program
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The goal of FSRP recordings is to help artists successfully budget and plan the production process.
Fodakis is being released with two other FSRP recordings from Seattle: R&B artist Jeremiah, and Houston rock group Stretching Madness.
The FSRP conducts research, organizes conferences and seminars, prepares analysis for federal and state regulatory agencies and legislative committees, and collaborates with academic researchers globally to design and conduct new projects related to credit usage.
The goal of FSRP recordings is to help artists save money by budgeting and planning the process from start to finish.