FSSBFreestyle Street Basketball (gaming)
FSSBFondation Sylvie et Simon Blais (French: Sylvie and Simon Blais Foundation; Canada)
FSSBFrontiers in Systems and Synthetic Biology (conference)
FSSBFinancial Solvency Standards Board (California)
FSSBFemale Scientists in Structural Biology (Switzerland)
FSSBForeign Studies Service Bureau (India; education)
FSSBFima Securities Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
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For this reason, FSSB encourage employees to strive to obtain the resources to manage work-family issues effectively and improve their quality of life.
Matthews, Mills, Trout, and English (2014) conducted an empirical study based on the broaden-and-build theory (Fredrickson, 2001), collecting cross-sectional data from a sample of 310 American workers, and finding that FSSB were related to work engagement.
Turning to the question of how FSSB affect work engagement, based on the perspective of RGD, one mechanism by which resources may enhance work-related outcomes is work-family enrichment, which has been defined as "the extent to which experiences in one role improve the quality of life in the other role" (Greenhaus & Powell, 2006, p.
On the other hand, FSSB may also promote family-work enrichment by fostering a family-friendly work environment (Straub, 2012) that encourages employees to integrate, rather than separate, their work and family life, thereby allowing them to take full advantage of resources in the family role and apply these to improving the quality of their work life.
Taken together, FSSB contribute to bidirectional work-family enrichment and, subsequently, to work engagement.
At Time 1 (T1), the participants provided their demographic variables and completed measures of FSSB, perceived general supervisor support, and perceived organizational support.
FSSB also works with partners to attach the needles to sutures used in ophthalmic, cardiovascular and sternotomy procedures.