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FSSTFour Square Step Test (balance)
FSSTField Service Shock Test (US Navy)
FSSTFlandreau Santee Sioux Tribe (Indian tribe)
FSSTFalling Stage Systems Tract
FSSTForensic Science Service Tasmania (Australia)
FSSTForward Space Support to Theater
FSSTFixed Sample Size Test
FSSTFixed Site Satellite Terminal
FSSTFreeze Slow Start Threshold
FSSTFire Support Simulations Trainer
FSSTFull-Scale Smoke Testing
FSSTFinancial Services to Schools Team
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With its core facility supporting sustainable development of the town and its community now coming into operation, the FSST is evolving into a new stage where the town is nurtured to grow in full-scale into an eco and smart town that puts a high priority on the residents' lifestyles.
Masahiro Ido, executive officer for Panasonic's business solution division who attended the inaugural ceremony for the FSST, said the company's flagship smart city project will generate about 30 per cent of its power requirements from solar energy and reduce carbon emissions by 70 per cent compared to 1990 standards.
The FSST was adopted as a model project for promoting carbon dioxide reduction in'housing and buildings by the ministry of land, infrastructure, transport and tourism, according to Panasonic officials.
The FSST sets a 100-year vision, time for three family generations to lead a prosperous life.
The CRST alleged that its circumstances were unique, and the State improperly refused to deviate from a "model" gaming compact that had earlier been executed between the State and the FSST.
South Dakota, 250 the FSST commenced a suit alleging that the State has refused to negotiate an amended gaming compact in good faith.
In September 2005, the State and the FSST began formal negotiations for an amended gaming compact.
298) Despite these efforts, the FSST filed a lawsuit alleging that South Dakota's public policy is no longer one of limited gaming and thus, the State has not acted in good faith in negotiating an amended gaming compact.
23) Thereafter, the FSST terminated Gilbert from employment.
The FSST appealed, and in the subsequent hearing, the unemployment referee reversed, finding that Gilbert was properly discharged for work-related misconduct and that she was not eligible for unemployment benefits.
Although the FSST prevailed on appeal and was relieved of any obligations to pay Gilbert unemployment benefits, the case raises fundamental questions of jurisdiction and tribal sovereignty.
Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe, the South Dakota Supreme Court adjudicated an unemployment claim against the FSST arising from an internal employment dispute involving a tribal member without first examining its jurisdiction over the subject matter.