FSTSFaculté des Sciences et Techniques de Settat (French: Faculty of Science and Technology of Settat; Settat, Morocco)
FSTSFire Service Training School (Great Falls, MT)
FSTSFédération des Sociétés de Tir de la Sarine (French: Shooting Federation of Societies of Sarine; Switzerland)
FSTSFederal Secure Telephone Service
FSTSFormal Schools Travel Support (US Marine Corps)
FSTSFairfield/Suisun Transit System (California)
FSTSFront Side Tail Slide (skateboarding)
FSTSFlight Simulation Training System (US Army)
FSTSFuture Soldiers Training System (US Army)
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FSTS, FShTSh, FPTP, number of countries where the firm has production plants).
Management, industrial and innovation Laboratory University Hassan 1st, Faculty of Sciences and Technology FSTS, BP 577, 2600, SETTAT, MOROCCO
Focusing initially on enterprises in the UAE, particularly in the government and financial sectors, FSTS will work with global security vendors including F5 Networks, IBM, Kaspersky, and Symantec, to offer a broad spectrum of solutions and services that include risk analysis, penetration testing, information security strategy, security architecture and design, infrastructure deployment and integration, and training.
The coefficient estimate for opportunistic international is negative and significant while the coefficient estimate for strategic international is not significant, providing support for hypothesis 3a only, which indicates that ventures with a ratio of FSTS less than 10% have fewer syndicate partners than those of solely DNVs.
Consistent with this, we measure international diversification as the average FSTS and the average country scope for the three-year period from 1986 to 1988.
Models la, 2a, and 3a feature the FSTS ratio to measure international diversification; Models lb, 2b, and 3b use the FATA ratio.
To control for this possibility we create a dummy variable equal to one if the study does not use the FSTS to measure multinationality.
2007) 269 Indian firms; Low 1997-2001 Elango (2006) 719 EM firms; Varying 1996-2000 Thomas (2006) 386 Mexican MNEs; Low 1994-2001 Chiang and Yu (2005) 119 Taiwan SMEs; High 1998-2002 Nachum (2004) 345 EM firms; Varying 1997 Study I P Moderator Kumar and Singh (2008) FSTS ROA, ROE N/a Contractor et al.
Previous inquiry has found that the FSTS measure correlates highly with other operationalization alternatives such as foreign assets-to-total assets and foreign subsidiaries-to-total subsidiaries (Gomes/Ramaswamy 1999, Sambharya 1995, Tallman/Li 1996).
Measuring this by the ratio of foreign to total sales (FSTS) is unsatisfactory, because the amount of foreign sales a firm needs to reach MES will depend on the size of the home market, and a firm located in a large market may reach MES with a low FSTS ratio while one located in a small home market may need a high FSTS to reach the same MES.