FT-IRFourier Transform-Infrared
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FT-IR (KBr, cm) max: 3447 br (OH, NH), 3065 (C=C-H), 2950 (CH2), 1662, 1586, 1507 (C=C aromatic), 1560 (NO2), 1427 (CH2), 1095 (S=O), 772 (Ar-H), 680 (C-Cl).
In the FT-IR analysis, mainly the peaks from PO43'' and OH" groups in the hydroxyapatite can be identified (Fig-4) The IR band at 3564 [cm.
FT-IR spectra of the above samples were obtained using a Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN10 FT-IR microscope as previously (29-32).
Conclusion: We suggest that FT-IR has the potential as a diagnostic tool instead of testicular biopsy.
The combination of the fully automated, motorised Bruker Lumos FTIR Microscope and wizard-driven Opus software makes FT-IR microscopy fast, easy and highly accessible to QC and R&D Labs for many different applications.
The current work exposes that transmission FT-IR spectroscopy can definitely be applied to determine the exact amount of azithromycin to control the processing and quality of solid formulations with reduced cost and short analysis time.
FT-IR spectroscopy has been proven to be a powerful tool for investigating hydrogen bonding in a qualitative and quantitative manner.
Here, we especially focus on spectroscopic techniques, as it has been shown that FT-IR spectroscopy is a reliable tool for SOM characterisation (Haberhauer et al.
For FT-IR analysis, the researchers dried the extracts on zinc selenide crystals and scanned them in a spectrometer with a spectral range of 4000-700 [cm.
This company's product line includes testers for FT-IR, dispersive Raman, UV-Vis/NIR and circular dichroism, as well as polarimeters, fluorescence spectrometers and dissolution testers.