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FT1Fire Control Technician First Class (Naval Rating)
FT1Fractional T-1 Carrier
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Since FT1 fiber had least free hydroxyl group due to interfacial bonding between fibers, it exhibits the lowest thickness swelling.
The figure demonstrates an increase in the tensile and bending propertied when the fiber FT1 is treated at optimum condition.
Lot 2: maintenance of the stairs of the new FT1 at the Lyon-Saint-Exupry airport.
FT1 delivers a compelling set of advantages to customers who need the quality, security, and performance of fiber-optic communications but whose applicatins can't cost-justify the use of a full T1 link.
FT1 lets you map bandwidth to specific needs, paying only for what you use, sometimes at huge savings over alternatives.
2-kb/s network with 14 nodes--five FT1 channels cost a fifth of a DS-1 circuit.
Another major advantage of FT1 is the ability it offers for fast, easy expansion of bandwidth to meet growth needs following initial installation of service.
The technical requirements for implementing basic FT1 service include:
The local loop to FT1 services generally will be at the DS-1 rate.
Once local access is accomplished, the customer organization basically has complete ownership of its FT1 resources, with the ability of dynamically reassign applications among available DS-0 channels using its own software-controlled DS-1 muxes.
With software-controlled mux s, FT1 DS-0 channels can be ued in any combinaton to transport voice or data at different times of the business day or night, under the customer's direct control.