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FTCAFederal Tort Claims Act
FTCAFederal Trade Commission Act
FTCAFast-Track Cardiac Anesthesia
FTCAFood Technology for Companion Animals (University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Lincoln, NE)
FTCAFrench Central Technical Armament Establishment
FTCAFaculty of Taxation Consultants and Advisors (UK)
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A claim under the FTCA is different from an ordinary tort action.
section] 2680(a) (2012) (setting forth exception to FTCA for claims arising from exercise of discretionary duty).
But whether Congress, in rejecting Justice Department proposals and providing a FTCA exemption, meant to ratify Bivens is open to doubt.
92) Both deceptive and unfair practice prohibitions appear in the FTCA and have been defined in that context through the judicial process and enforcement actions.
60) Thus, on the majority's view, the FTCA barred Mr.
district court rejected the motion to dismiss filed by a defendant hotel conglomerate (Wyndham), challenging the FTC's authority to assert a data security claim under its enforcement authority pursuant to FTCA A*5.
The district court granted the government's motion to be substituted as the defendant on the ATCA claims and its motion to dismiss both the ATCA and the FTCA claims.
However, for AMEDD healthcare providers, the FTCA and the Army Tort Claims process in general can be a scary labyrinth of blame and licensure implications that may consume several years.
The real question in the case was whether the federal government can be held liable for a crime committed by its employees under the Federal Torts Claim Act, or FTCA.
addressed under existing legal regimes such as the FTCA, state unfair