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FTCAFederal Tort Claims Act
FTCAFederal Trade Commission Act
FTCAFast-Track Cardiac Anesthesia
FTCAFood Technology for Companion Animals (University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Lincoln, NE)
FTCAFrench Central Technical Armament Establishment
FTCAFaculty of Taxation Consultants and Advisors (UK)
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In return, the services agreed to make every effort to ensure that the military HCPs training at TIs were covered under those institutions' insurance, rather than relying on the FTCA.
224) Unlike the FTCA, which granted substantial regulatory authority to the federal government and threatened the survival of state regulation, civil RICO merely provides plaintiffs with a private cause of action.
The starting point in this regard under the FTCA is the text of 28
National Guard members performing duties in a Title 32 status (71) are considered federal employees for FTCA purposes even though they are under the control of the State.
parallel claims under the FTCA, settlements in cases in which both
Under the Feres doctrine, members of the armed services whose injuries are incident to their military service cannot recover under FTCA.
Skwira's wife and children along with the survivors of Nurse Gilbert's other victims sued the United States under the FTCA.
212) Therefore, the plaintiffs' tort suit against the United States was barred by the discretionary function exception of the FTCA.
2) My client's husband was killed when he fell to his death into an unmarked crevasse outside the major United States base on the frozen continent, so the question was fairly raised whether Antarctica qualified as a "foreign country," and thus whether claims arising there were excluded under the FTCA.
The court concluded that the plaintiff was well within the two-year period for filing the claim since, under the FTCA, the two-year period did not begin to run until April 18, 1996.