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Even if the FTCR could establish that there was a suggestion in the prior art to establish human stem cells, it lacks the second required showing, the expectation of success.
The FTCR argues that the patents should be invalid because of the danger that WARF will keep stem cell research to itself and thereby stifle the scientific progress.
Maybe Stanford was mostly worried about losing more donations," says John Simpson, a spokesman for FTCR, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group based in Santa Monica, Calif.
Pam Pressley, FTCR staff attorney and editor of the guide, says, "the guide is designed to be a compass for the maze of managed care and California health care law.
The FTCR and Dan Zohar have teamed together before in representing California consumers against avaricious insurance carriers.
Dan Zohar is lead counsel for the FTCR and is with the Zohar Law Firm, P.
The two earlier patents are undergoing "ex parte" re-examination and those rules do not allow formal comment from FTCR and PUBPAT.
In their formal comments FTCR and PUBPAT agreed with the examiner and rebutted WARF's arguments making these five essential points:
Dans ce cadre, une reunion de preparation sera organisee sur l'Ile-de-France, le vendredi 10 avril a partir 18h a la FTCR au 23 rue du Maroc 75019 Paris, pour discuter et echanger sur la reunion du CAIT a Metz.