FTCRFoundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights
FTCRFind the Computer Room (entertainment website and forum)
FTCRFast Topology-driven Constraint-Based Rerouting
FTCRFlight Test Control Room
FTCRFree Testosterone/Cortisol Ratio
FTCRFiat Twin Cam Register (now Sporting Fiats Club)
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Even if the FTCR could establish that there was a suggestion in the prior art to establish human stem cells, it lacks the second required showing, the expectation of success.
Maybe Stanford was mostly worried about losing more donations," says John Simpson, a spokesman for FTCR, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group based in Santa Monica, Calif.
Pam Pressley, FTCR staff attorney and editor of the guide, says, "the guide is designed to be a compass for the maze of managed care and California health care law.
The two earlier patents are undergoing "ex parte" re-examination and those rules do not allow formal comment from FTCR and PUBPAT.
FTCR pointed to the oil industry's manipulation of gasoline supplies on hand to keep prices higher in California than in the rest of the country.
In a market where all Californians must rightly be sold these policies, the prices will be radically higher," FTCR wrote.
The oil companies' chief line of argument on gasoline prices is that they are tightly linked to crude oil prices," said Judy Dugan, research director of FTCR.
If California moves its primary the plan is likely to backfire by frontloading the entire nomination process, said FTCR.
If legislators want to make health care affordable they should look to Prop 103 -- which has saved drivers $23 billion since 1988 -- unless the $1 million in campaign contributions has kept affordability off the table," said Jerry Flanagan of FTCR.
It's like the tobacco industry bragging about its spending on cures for cancer, while the total actually includes the development of new cigarettes," said Jamie Court, president of the nonprofit, nonpartisan FTCR.
Three elections in one year at a $90 million cost to taxpayers only makes sense for the careers of termed out legislators and the governor," said Carmen Balber of FTCR.