FTDRFast Track Dispute Resolution (US Internal Revenue Service)
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The taxpayer retains all of its usual Appeals rights, because the case is under Compliance's jurisdiction during the FTDR Program process.
The ex parte communications rules do not apply to the FTDR Program, because cases are under Compliance's jurisdiction.
The FTDR Program cannot be used for issues that were (1) designated for litigation by Chief Counsel, (2) the subject of a request for competent authority, (3) requested by the taxpayer for a simultaneous Appeal/Competent Authority procedure, (4) outside Appeals' settlement authority (e.
Under the new FTDR program, the issue gets resolved in significantly less time than it takes just to transfer the case from exam to Appeals.
Both parties must agree to use FTDR before the program can be utilized.
Personnel from the EFDA program are completely embedded in both FTDR and Dental Care Optimization (DCO).