FTDSFlag Tactical Data System
FTDSFormal Training Data System
FTDSFailure Tolerant Disk System
FTDSFamilial Testicular Dysgenesis Syndrome
FTDSFood-Type Dietary Supplement (Australia)
FTDSFault-Tolerant Distributed System
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The regulation also allows FTDS that do not remain open long enough for the issuer to appear on the Threshold List.
The regulation clearly states that fails must be closed out after 13 days and even options market makers may not fail in issues with enough FTDS to be on the Threshold List.
Depending on the geographic crime location, intelligence database HQ downloads specific hot targets which are instantly uploaded for FTDS interrogation at the point of apprehension.
Robert Gray, Research Manager of Storage Subsystems,, from International Data Corporation stated that "By eccs gaining the FTDS plus rating , they have distinguished themselves from the multitude of vendors who offer RAID storage.