FTDSFrac Tank Deployment System (SEI Industries Ltd.)
FTDSFlag Tactical Data System
FTDSFormal Training Data System
FTDSFailure Tolerant Disk System
FTDSFamilial Testicular Dysgenesis Syndrome
FTDSFood-Type Dietary Supplement (Australia)
FTDSFault-Tolerant Distributed System
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Among the reforms suggested by the FTDS, tax reform and courageous actions in the fight against corruption and the informal economy.
The FTDS is a free, online screening tool developed with resources and recommendations appropriate for two countries: the USA and Canada.
Studies evaluating the psychometrics of the FTDS have identified the tool as having good face and content validity (Classen, Velozo, et al.
Self-rating is not occurring in the FTDS because caregivers rate the drivers.
The outage of two transmission lines is going to be simulated by using QSSS and FTDS.
For about 600 seconds of simulation in the 10-bus system, FTDS takes more than 20 seconds whereas the QSSS takes less than one second.
The little that is known publicly about FTDS is available as a result of Regulation SHO, implemented by the SEC in January 2005 to curb abusive naked short selling and reduce FTDS.
The regulation also allows FTDS that do not remain open long enough for the issuer to appear on the Threshold List.
In contrast, the FTDS PAP refinement solely determines "visual recognition".
Depending on the geographic crime location, intelligence database HQ downloads specific hot targets which are instantly uploaded for FTDS interrogation at the point of apprehension.
Robert Gray, Research Manager of Storage Subsystems,, from International Data Corporation stated that "By eccs gaining the FTDS plus rating , they have distinguished themselves from the multitude of vendors who offer RAID storage.
There are a total of 18 classification criteria for the FTDS plus classification which were met by the Synchronix(TM) system and certified by a RAB examiner.