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FTEFull-Time Equivalent
FTEFord Truck Enthusiasts (online community)
FTEFull-Time Employee
FTEFull Time Employment
FTEFull-Time Equivalency
FTEFrench To English
FTEFull Time Enrollment
FTEFull-Time Equivalent Position
FTEFull-Time Effort
FTEFlux Transfer Events
FTEFax Thru E-Mail
FTEFord Tickford Experience
FTEFull Time Equivalent
FTEFirst Time Ever
FTEFund for Theological Education
FTEFor the Enterprise (SQL)
FTEFoundation for Thought and Ethics
FTEFoundation for Teaching Economics
FTEFolding Text Editor (software)
FTEFull Time Engineer
FTEFumbling Towards Ecstasy (Sarah McLachlan album)
FTEFlight Test Equipment
FTEFlux Transfer Event
FTEFailure to Enroll
FTEField Test Equipment (US DoD)
FTEFlorida's Turnpike Enterprise
FTEFunctional Test Equipment
FTEFlight Test Engineer
FTEFunctional Test Environment (Australian Securities Exchange)
FTEFunniest Thing Ever
FTEFair Trade Egypt
FTEFédération des Travailleuses/eurs de l'Éducation (French teachers union)
FTEFailure to Eject (firearms)
FTEFlight Technical Error
FTEFailure to Extract (firearms)
FTEFitted Target Efficacy (luminaire performance; US Department of Energy)
FTEFirst Time Exhibitor (trade shows)
FTEFlow-Through Entity
FTEFault Tolerant Ethernet
FTEFestival Theatre Ensemble (Los Gatos, CA)
FTEFlight Training Europe (commercial flying school)
FTEForages Technic-Eau Inc. (Canadian drilling company)
FTEFactory Test Equipment
FTEFoundation for Tolerance Education (Johannesburg, South Africa)
FTEFirst Unit Equipped
FTEFull Trucker Effect (song and trucker slang)
FTEForschung Und Technische Entwicklung (German: research and technological development)
FTEFor the Emperor (Warhammer 40k gaming)
FTEFlorida Tomato Exchange
FTEField Test Engineer
FTEFully Taxable Equivalent/Equivalency
FTEFacilities, Terminals, and Equipment
FTEFrame Timing Estimation
FTEFiberoptic Test Equipment
FTEFirearms Training Elective (AAFC)
FTEFree Time Expiry (freight containers)
FTEFunctional-Technical Expert
FTEFemale Threaded End (pipe design)
FTEFree Thyroxine Equivalent (thyroid function marker)
FTEForwarding Time Expired (US Postal Service)
FTEFinancial Transaction Executive (Perot Systems)
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The philosophy of FTE is to keep these crafts alive in the Egyptian market, to help prevent their extinction and, more importantly, to financially support these artisans by providing a way to sell their goods.
Between 2000 and 2001, the operating margin per APN FTE improved in four centers (A, C, D, E) and the loss increased in one (B).
Total productive FTEs (TTL PROD FTE) reflect the actual hours worked by all staff and are directly related to the PROD MNHRS.
If we go no further, a comparison of this figure to the earlier calculation of paid FTEs (24.
FTE Networks solves complex network and system challenges that reduce costs and deployment time to accelerate delivery and optimize performance of network infrastructure.
The London-based international media giant Pearson PLC has decided to pull the plug on its wholly owned subsidiary, FTE, which includes nearly 30 highly regarded, energy-related newsletters published out of London and Arlington, Virginia.
KCSA intends to deploy a comprehensive communications program designed to increase awareness of FTE across the investment community and targeted media.
20 January 2017 - US-based network infrastructure solutions company FTE Networks, Inc.
The FTE count was 192,070 compared with 191,820 a year ago (an increase of 250 or 0.
Until this summer Pearson had been expanding FTE, which billed itself as the "world's most comprehensive provider of global energy news, data, information, and analysis.