FTECFluid and Thermal Energy Conversion (conference)
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will allow FTEC to integrate RCG's FxGuard facial recognition technology into
allows FTEC to use FxGuard as an advanced security measure.
Embedded into Fibre Channel disk drives, tape drives and a wide variety of other peripherals, QLogic's FTEC and FibreFAS series of single-chip Fibre Channel controllers combine broad functionality with the extremely high performance demanded by enterprise class hard disk and tape drive manufacturers.
FTEC and FibreFAS controllers will ship to drive manufacturers this quarter.
The integrated nature of the TEC series, including on-chip transceivers on the FTEC, provides a lower overall cost.
The agreement provides FTEC a "low risk expansion strategy" into the Chinese and Asian markets.
The business relationship provides FTEC with a mechanism to exploit a potential high growth marketplace with limited capital outlay.