FTECFluid and Thermal Energy Conversion (conference)
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Embedded into Fibre Channel disk drives, tape drives and a wide variety of other peripherals, QLogic's FTEC and FibreFAS series of single-chip Fibre Channel controllers combine broad functionality with the extremely high performance demanded by enterprise class hard disk and tape drive manufacturers.
FTEC and FibreFAS controllers will ship to drive manufacturers this quarter.
The integrated nature of the TEC series, including on-chip transceivers on the FTEC, provides a lower overall cost.
I knew from Sean the time and energy it would take to fully commit to FTEC on top of my career and family obligations, and I would be lying if I said the past six months was easy.
Between the teams fundraising through personal networks and money raised at the gala, the FTEC committee anticipates being able to donate over $170,000 to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in 2016.
The products use the same interface protocol engines as those used in QLogic's highly successful TEC and FTEC, Ultra2 SCSI and FC-AL hard disk drive controllers.
Lot 1 FTEC for participants with an age from 25 years,