FTEEFull-Time Employment Equivalent
FTEEFull Time Equivalent Employee
FTEEFull-Time Equivalent Enrollment (college coursework)
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As with nursing hours, FTEE can be compared with the number of patient days to measure workload.
The AHA computes and reports FTEE for each hospital, defining fulltime as working 35 hours or more per week, and part-time as working < 35 hours per week (AHA 1999).
We computed FTEE for the OSHPD data using the formula above.
5 FTEE social workers, virtually covers the high acuity scenario that identifies the need for 3.
Annual social work FTEE was half that recommended under the 1:3,000 ratio and one-third that recommended under the 1:2,000 ratio.
Table 3: Comparison of Need-Based, Actual, and Panel Models of Social Work Staffing for VA GLAHS Primary Care, FY 2000 FY 2000 VA GIAHS Primary Care Study-- Patient Need-Based Calculation Actual VA GIAHS Scenario 2 SW FTEE Primary Scenario 1 (moderate + in Clinic Care Clinic (high acuity) high acuity) FY 2000 Clinic 1 3.
A partial explanation for the relative decline in benefits per FTEE for Rochester hospitals is found in the way in which Rochester hospitals altered their staffing mix.
Figure 10 describes the trend of FTEEs per 100 adjusted hospital admissions for the two groups of hospitals.
When divided by the number of FTEE hours (2080), this shows an FTEE savings of 0.
neurology), the quantity of physician FTEE devoted to patient care and resident education across all PCAs at the VAMC was hypothesized to be a function of such factors as total inpatient, ambulatory, and long-term care workload associated with that specialty; the number of residents; and other variables possibly associated with physician time devoted to patient care and resident education.
Under either the PF or IPF variant, total FTEE required at the facility is the sum of the model-derived estimate and separate FTEE estimates for those physician activities not accounted for in these models, including research, continuing education, and miscellaneous assignments.
Rather, he assured the subcommittee that VA would seek supplemental funding from the Office of Management and Budget to preclude any FTEE reduction within the Adjudication Division.