FTEPField Training and Evaluation Program
FTEPFaculty Teaching Excellence Program (University of Colorado)
FTEPFull Time Equivalent Public
FTEPFord Technical Education Program (professional training)
FTEPFulbright Teacher Exchange Program (Washington, DC)
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Fiber to Every Home (FTEH) by 2010 as standard for new construction in many developed countries is a proposition first predicted and announced by Aspen Optics recently, the industry is now getting used to these new acronyms FTEO (Fiber to Every Office), FTEP (Fiber to Every Premise) that represent widespread efforts to implement fiber connection on access level to the fullest scale.
FTEP is also one of the partners in the production of the World Reporter database--initially a joint venture between Dow Jones, Knight-Ridder Information, and the FT to create an alternative to Textline.
FTEP also includes the Broadcast Monitoring Company (BMC) and the Business Research Company (BRC).
The combination of complete text of the Financial Times, the World Reporter, and Textline offers an unmatched collection of global news sources, says FTEP, The service provides access to millions of articles from over 5,000 sources including the largest complete full-text collection of U.