FTFIFile Transfer Flow Integrator
FTFIFournitures Techniques et Fournitures Industrielles (French industrial supply company)
FTFIFace-to-Face Interview
FTFIFair Trade Forum India
FTFIFailure-Triggering Fault Interaction
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10) (mas frecuentemente controlados TCC) randomizados (n = 754) Hesse (7) Terapia dirigida al 10 ECA, 223 trastorno por abuso pacientes de drogas randomizados Carey y Diversos grupos 22 estudios de FTFI cols.
Reporting of relationship, sexual and other experience by male and female respondents, according to interview mode Experience Male Female FTFI Audio-CASI FTFI Audio-CASI (N=195) (N=1,104) (N=116) (N=646) Ever had 69.