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FTGFiran Technology Group (Toronto, ON, Canada)
FTGFairchild Tropical Garden (Coral Gables, FL, USA)
FTGFree to Guest (hospitality industry)
FTGFerntree Gully (suburb, Australia)
FTGFor The Game
FTGFlying Training Group
FTGFarmstead Telephone Group (Windsor, CT)
FTGFleet Training Group
FTGFuture Technologies Group (Boston, MA and Berkeley, CA)
FTGFull Tensor Gradiometry
FTGFinal Trunk Group
FTGFerme Ta Gueule (French: Shut Up)
FTGFiltration Technology Group
FTGFlying Tigers Group
FTGFlight Training Guide
FTGField Training Group
FTGForfeit the Game
FTGFull-Time Glasses
FtgFraction of Transportation Power Supplied by Gas (Carolina Environmental Program)
FTGForget the Guard (polite form; US Coast Guard)
FTG(USN Rating) Fire Control Technician (Gun Fire Control)
FTGFree Turbine Governor
FTGFrozen Tundra Games (forum)
FTGFutures Trading Guide
FTGFear the Geek (gaming clan)
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These banking facilities are extremely important to FTG as they will help us to move forward with our internal and external international growth plans, added Mr.
The equipment being provided by FTG includes nine control panel assemblies.
306th FTG (12 FTW) USAFA Apr 23-26, 2014, Pensacola, FL Contact: "E J" Sherwood 480-396-4681 EJ12TFW@cox.
The easiest and best indicator was that with the green FTG lights, we did not have one single route deviation in 70 movements, while with the 20 movements under current--or what we term 'old world' procedures--we had four For me, this is the clearest indicator that safety performance increased perceptibly.
They tell us FTG, especially in the multiples, is often unremarkable, even 'boring'.
The FTG was supervised by a fitness coach and the CG was supervised by a physiotherapist and the 2 groups were under supervision and responsibility of the physical physician at the Centre of Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise.
The performance for the quarter resulted from substantially improved sales and margin in FTG Circuits Toronto compared to earlier in the year.
Under the terms of the contract, FTG will design, develop, manufacture and supply the Display Suite control panel assemblies.
The agreement with EchoStar allows Guest-Tek to offer FTG within their already successful OneView Media group of solutions, offering hoteliers the choice of hundreds of all-digital channels including movies, sports, news, music and the most national HD channels in the country.
FTG Circuits is a manufacturer of high technology/high reliability printed circuit boards.
SAVIC was selected by GE AVIC civil avionics joint venture to provide certain airborne avionics equipment for the C919 program and is planning to order 2,355 ship sets consisting of nine control panel assemblies per set from FTG.
FTG appreciates the trust Rockwell Collins has in our ability to deliver quality product, and adapt to the ever changing technologies", stated Ian Maknyik, Director of Business Development for the US Mid West Region of FTG Corporation, "and we look forward to sharing future success with Rockwell Collins".