FTICFirst Time in College
FTICFluorescein Isothiocyanate
FTICFinance, Tax and Insurance Coordinators (Canada)
FTICFundamental Theorem of Integral Calculus
FTICFood Technology International Consultancy Ltd (Israel)
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Data analyzed were the rates of all FTIC developmental students who scored below the Texas college readiness standards in math and the rates of FTIC developmental students in math who completed a college-level math course with a grade of A, B, or C within a three-year period for the 2003 through the 2008 academic years.
For this investigation, community college FTIC developmental students' college readiness in math was analyzed.
FTIC is one of the largest and oldest Takaful companies in Kuwait, established in 2000.
FTIC also adopts a conservative reserving strategy which helps in protecting it against any unexpected occurrences of huge claims.
For its part, National Instruments highlighted a variety of new products and technologies designed for MIL/aero system design and test engineers in addition to the new FTIC.
The total number of FTIC and FTT at Lamar University-Beaumont declined from 1990 to 1993.
In an attempt to provide improved First Time in College (FTIC) enrollment predictions, this study followed exploratory techniques seeking to differentiate yield rates among FTIC applicants based on one or more of the following source characteristics: Geographical Location, Single or Multiple Institution applications, Race/Ethnicity and Sex, High School GPA, and Admissions Test Scores at the University of South Florida (USF), in Tampa, Florida.
Fall 1997 cohorts--1,844 FTIC (first-time-in-college students) from Collin County Community College District (CCCCD) in Texas, and 1,137 FTIC from Richland Community College (RCC) in Illinois--were tracked until spring 2001 and utilized to test the hypothesis that educational objectives are critical in predicting community college retention.
In support of this goal, SAC identifies a number of objectives, including the following: by August 2003, 70% of full-time FTIC students who did not receive remediation in the fall will be retained through the following spring semester.
Data were obtained for 5 years of fall semester FTIC cohorts (n=8,573).