FTRSFull Time Reserve Service
FTRSForward Tab Retention System (paintball product feature)
FTRSFourier Transform-Raman Spectroscopy (chemical physics)
FTRSFahn's Tremor Rating Scale (physical rehabilitation)
FTRSFacility Training Records System
FTRSFull-Text Retrieval System (National Library of Medicine)
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La parte fija de la tarifa paga el cargo que recupera costos fijos, mientras la parte variable paga un cargo por los FTRS basado en precios nodales.
Ford vice-president of European product development,Derrick Kuzak, said the formation of FTRS showed the company intended to deliver exciting performance vehicles to appreciative customers.
A statement issued here on Thursday said that SECP has launched FTRS for the processing of incorporation of a company, availability of name, change of name and charge registration, modification and satisfaction cases.