FTRSFull Time Reserve Service
FTRSForward Tab Retention System (paintball product feature)
FTRSFourier Transform-Raman Spectroscopy (chemical physics)
FTRSFahn's Tremor Rating Scale (physical rehabilitation)
FTRSFacility Training Records System
FTRSFull-Text Retrieval System (National Library of Medicine)
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Ford vice-president of European product development,Derrick Kuzak, said the formation of FTRS showed the company intended to deliver exciting performance vehicles to appreciative customers.
The FTRS is available on processing incorporation of company, availability of name of company, change of name of company and charge registration, modification and satisfaction cases.
In order to facilitate prospective promoters, corporate consultants and management of the companies, especially in urgent cases and peculiar situations, the SECP has launched FTRS for the processing of incorporation of a company, availability of name, change of name and charge registration, modification and satisfaction cases.