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FTS2000Federal Telecommunications Services - 2000 (US government)
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That installation consisted of an AT&T FTS2000 compressed video transmission line, running at 384 kb/s, connected to video equipment leased from York Telecomm, Inc.
FTS2000 is a model of how networks will be constructed in the future: robust and adaptable enough to meet constantly changing technology.
AT&T's digital FTS2000 network is flexibly designed.
Along with replacing the voice of network, FTS2000 offers agencies enhancements such as electronic mail, highspeed data transmission, and videoconferencing.
In February 1991, Rooney became President of Sprint's Government Systems Division, responsible for all of Sprint's Federal Government business including its contract with the General Services Administration for FTS2000.
28, 1997--The General Services Administration and Sprint have signed a modification to the FTS2000 contract allowing Sprint to provide popular prepaid phone cards to federal agencies now served by both Networks A and B on the United States Government's FTS2000 system.
Sprint currently is the only GSA-authorized prepaid card provider, and can offer this product to all FTS2000 customers.
Most recently he was civilian markets vice president responsible for integrated solutions for the federal government and program manager of the FTS2000 program.
It is designed to replace the FAA's existing administrative telecommunications network with standards-based GOSIP compliant hardware in conjunction with government-mandated FTS2000 circuits.
Postal Service, the Veteran's Administration, the Army High Performance Computing Program, the General Services Administration, the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories, and subcontractor support to the AT&T FTS2000 contract.
General Services Administration have added a new enhancement to the federal government's FTS2000 information network that vastly improves the network's videoconferencing capabilities between government agencies and private business.
AT&T today announced that it had signed a FTS2000 contract modification with GSA on November 15 that provides government customers with access to AT&T Global Business Video Services (GBVS) capabilities and business videoconferencing.