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FTTFlush the Toilet
FTTFree to Talk
FTTFirst-Tier Tribunal (UK taxes)
FTTFree Trade Treaty
FTTFinancial Transactions Tax (various locations)
FTTFull Talk Time (telecommunications)
FTTFaerie Tale Theatre (TV)
FTTFailure To Thrive
FTTFedora Technical Team
FTTFloating Point Trap Type
FTTFree to Try
FTTFédération Tunisienne de Tennis (French: Tunisian Tennis Federation; Tunisia)
FTTFitness to Teach (various organizations)
FTTFauteuil Tout Terrain (French: All Terrain Wheelchair)
FTTFair Trade Towns
FTTFizika Tverdogo Tela (Russian: Solid State Physics; journal)
FTTFood and Textile Technology (course; various locations)
FTTFacilité Temporaire de Trésorerie (French: Easy Temporary Cash)
FTTFédération Tahitienne de Tennis (French: Tahitian Federation of Tennis; Tahiti)
FTTFree Territory of Trieste (European state)
FTTForeign Travel Tax (India)
FTTFast Track Technologies
FTTFailure to Train
FTTFirst Time Through
FTTFull-Time Temporary
FTTFischer-Tropsch Type (catalytic process)
FTTFire This Time (Canadian newspaper)
FTTField Tactical Trainer
FTTForward Travel Time (US Air Force)
FTTFlorida Turbine Technologies, Inc. (Jupiter, FL)
FTTFever Therapy Tehnician (US Navy)
FTTFrance Transfert Technologies (France)
FTTFriday the Thirteenth (movie)
FTTForum Toulouse Technologies (French: Toulouse Technologies Forum; Toulouse, France)
FTTField Training Team
FTTFox Tales Times (fetish website)
FTTField Test Telescope (DELTA)
FTTFile Transfer Time
FTTFactory Trained Technician
FTTFunctional Threat Test
FTTFuel Temperature Test
FTTFahrenheit Total Temperature (steam ejector/condenser design)
FTTFinite-Termination Theorem
FTTFrank's Toothache Tincture
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The good news is that an FTT would probably put high-frequency trading entirely out of business, since each individual trade usually earns a profit smaller than the size of the tax.
Although the FTT is connected to and understood as a Tobin tax in most cases, several different tax instruments are generally referred to as "financial transaction taxes.
The FTT tax rate will predictably increase over the years to obtain ever more money from our financial services.
But the ECJ ruled that "the contested decision does no more than authorise the establishment of enhanced co-operation, but does not contain any substantive element on the FTT itself" and "the elements of a future FTT challenged by the United Kingdom are in no way constituent elements of the contested decision".
But in parallel, the aim is also apparently to ensure that its implementation will not lead to a flight of capital and activities outside the FTT countries.
That alternative, they say, is to urge the Government to enact the FTT and use revenues to redress "shrinKage in central grants to our council".
EU Council lawyers have issued a document that argues the FTT would be in breach of the 28-member state union's treaties and infringe on the sovereignty of national governments, (http://uk.
FTT was established in 1991 by the Chia Fong Paper Co.
If a firm involved in the transaction is based in the FTT zone, it will be taxed.
As requested by the 11 Member States that will proceed with this tax, the proposed Directive mirrors the scope and objectives of the original FTT proposal put forward by the Commission in September 2011.
It lays the final paving stone on the road towards a common FTT in the EU," he said in a speech to present his plan.