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FTUFirst Time User
FTUFormazin Turbidity Unit
FTUFinger Tip Unit (medication application)
FTUFault-Tolerant Unit
FTUFixed Treatment Unit
FTUFrederick Taylor University (est. 1994)
FTUFirst Training Unit
FTUFreight Terminal Unit
FTUFerry Transport Unit
FTUFan Terminal Unit
FTUFull Time Unit
FTUFitness Training Unit
FTUFlying Training Unit (USAF)
FTUFlight Test Unit
FTUFormal Training Unit
FTUFleet Training Unit (US Navy)
FTUForskning og Teknologisk Udvikling (Danish: research and technological development, aka: RTD)
FTUFlorida Times-Union (newspaper)
FTUFile Transfer Utility
FTUFlight Training Unit
FTUForeign Trade University (Hanoi, Vietnam)
FTUFederation of Trade Unions (Hong Kong)
FTUField Technical Unit
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70% for crude protein, crude fat and apparent gross energy as compared to the reference diet, respectively at 1000 FTU kg-1 level.
Basal diet was then further divided into one reference diet and five test diets and sprayed with graded levels of phytase (0, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 FTU kg-1).
ANZ China CEO and head of Greater China, Huang Xiaoguang, said: 'The FTU is another key milestone in deepening China's financial reform in Shanghai's Free Trade Zone, further promoting financial innovation while effectively controlling risks.
Crude fat and apparent gross energy digestibility performed their best at 750 FTU kg-1 followed by 1000 FTU kg-1 level, while maximum crude protein digestibility was observed at 1000 FTU kg-1 level.
Seven sub-test diets were then prepared by spraying graded levels (0, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1250 and 1500 FTU kg-1 levels) of phytase into sunflower meal based diet.
The FTU standardizes training across the Air Force, leverages and synchronizes scarce resources, and generates a broad range of cost efficiencies, the major said.
Again, maximum response of minerals absorption was recorded at the phytase level of 750 FTU kg-1 diet.
The new C-5 FTU will be responsible for training pilots, flight engineers and loadmasters.
05) growth performance such that the birds receiving NC+2,000 FTU showed the greatest improvement on BW gain (20%) and FCR (7.
One FTU of enzyme activity is defined as the amount of enzyme that liberates 1 umol of inorganic phosphorus per min at 37[degrees]C and pH 5.
The shares have begun trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols FTU (Class A shares) and FTU.