FTUCFiji Trades Union Congress (trade union)
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The FTUC was involved in the initial work in developing relations between the CIA dominated National Committee for a Free Europe (NCFE) and the Center-in-Exile and in setting up Radio Free Europe.
17) However, skeptics noted that the real question was whether or not the FTUC really would be wound up within twelve months or whether this apparent period of notice was really a device to buy time.
He also placed in context the decision to allow the FTUC twelve more months in which to operate.
Resisting the line that the ICFTU could be relied upon to wage an effective anti-communist policy, Lovestone worked hard to convince Meany that, in this respect, the continued existence of the FTUC was indispensable.
Initially Millard had indicated that he might accept Brown's appointment as a face-saving device for Meany, so long as it was understood that Brown worked for the ICFTU only and would not be running errands for the FTUC.
The Americans agreed once again to discontinue the work of the FTUC, ostensibly ending their independent activities, with Lovestone brought directly under the control of the official International Affairs Department.