FTWForget the World (polite form)
FTWFor the World
FTWFor the Win
FTWFree to Watch
FTWFollow the Way
FTWFor the Wolf
FTWFace the World
FTWFinding the Way (various locations)
FTWFor the Will
FTWFor the Weak
FTWFeel The Wind
FTWFeed the World (Internet slang)
FTWFrom The Wilderness (publication; Ashland, OR)
FTWFor The Wii
FTWFord Truck World
FTWFight to Win
FTWFeel the Wrath
FTWFort Wainwright, Alaska
FTWFate of Two Worlds (video game)
FTWFlying Training Wing
FTWForschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien (Vienna, Austria)
FTWFear the Wife
FTWFiles and Settings Transfer Wizard
FTWFree the Whales
FTWFort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center (Amtrak station code; Fort Worth, TX)
FTWFree the Weed
FTWFrequency Tuning Word
FTWFree Trade Wharf
FTWFlorida Tax Watch
FTWFare Thee Well
FTWFor Those Wondering
FTWFor the Worms
FTWFind the Waldo
FTWForever Two Wheels
FTWFrank the Welder (mountain bikes)
FTWFort Worth Meacham Field (Airport Code)
FTWFuture Technology Workshop
FTWForward Towards Wing (Hattrick; online game)
FTWFamilies Than Work
FTWFree The Wookies (humor)
FTWForever Truly White
FTWForward the Word (Internet slang)
FTWFree the Weak
FTWFull Throttle Workshop
FTWForever Together Whenever (gaming clan)
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Caption: FTW Ranch in south Texas was an ideal location for the finale.
The makeover of the administration building is being funded primarily by the City of Fort Worth with a major investment by American Aero FTW, owned by financier and philanthropist Robert M.
Starting on Tuesday 29 and running until Thursday 31 March, FTW is DWTC's new umbrella identity collecting Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference, or GISEC - Dr Liam Fox MP, former UK Secretary of State for Defence, will address GISEC - Internet of Things Expo, or IoTX, The Big Data Show and Gulf Enterprise Mobility Exhibition and Conference, or GEMEC.
Designed to optimize and accelerate the content of any website, FTW ensures website pages are served super fast with near limitless scale.
The FBO's "Red, White and Blue" program enables customers to contribute 10 cents from every gallon of fuel purchased to the Navy SEAL Foundation, and American Aero FTW matches those donations dollar for dollar.
Japan); Slawomir Zadrozny (Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland); Vladimir Oleshchuk (University of Agder, Norway); Kamen Kanev (Shizuoka University, Japan); Cristian Lai (CRS4, Italy); Troels Andreasen (Roskilde University, Denmark); Anna Fensel (Vienna FTW, Austria); Evgeny Pyshkin (Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia); Shih-Hung Wu (Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan); Vladimir Dobrynin (Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia); Simone Ludwig (North Dakota State University, USA).
It was hit again on Thursday, January 27, when the driver of a blue Ford Escort, registration R959 FTW, made off without paying at 10.
Hot boats going FTW, in World Kilo Record Run, July 2; Grand Prix, July 4.
We tested whether IMST would improve weaning outcome in FTW patients in a controlled trial.
Without FTW, many people with disabilities, especially those with long-term-care needs such as personal assistance services, would not be able to use the Social Security work incentives and return to work.
The defense would have shown that the loan agreement relative to the personal guarantee was not valid since the bank and the daughter of the bank president who handled much of the transaction deceived the plaintiffs with the cooperation of FTW, who represented both sides in the loan agreement," the complaint in the Dwormans' most recent case states.